Futter Presentation displays

SMEW Technology
Oct 27, 2020

It’s basically a tablet connected to another screen via an HDMI or Wireless

Idea: We create a Widget by using Flutter code and pass it to Native code side then convert it to FlutterEngine and save it to FlutterEngineCache for later use.

Next, we define the Display by using displayId and we will define the UI flutter that needs to display by grabbing FlutterEngine in FlutterEngineCache and transferring it to Dialog Presentation as a View.

We provide methods to get a list of connected devices and the information of each device then transfer data from the main display to the secondary display.

Simple steps:

  • Create Widgets that need to display and define them as a permanent router when you configure the router in the Flutter code.
  • Get the Displays list by calling displayManager.getDisplays ()
  • Define which Display needs to display For instance: displays [1] .displayId Display the index 2.
  • Display it on Display with your routerName as presentation displayManager.showSecondaryDisplay (displayId: displays [1] .displayId, routerName: "presentation")
  • Transmit the data from the main display to the secondary display by displayManager.transferDataToPresentation (" test transfer data ")
  • The secondary screen receives data
Widget build (BuildContext context) {
return SecondaryDisplay (
callback: (argument) {
setState (() {
value = argument;

You can take a look at our example to learn more about how the plugin works

Test on Sunmi-D2 device

Packages: https://pub.dev/packages/presentation_displays